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Evan Shelan

Evan Shelan is the creator & founder of Global Fintech Forum. He graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a BA in economics. In 1994 he transformed the foreign currency exchange business from an analogue model to a web-based environment... continue >

Debbie Shelan

Debbie Shelan, co-owner and Vice-President of Global Fintech Forum, graduated from University of Texas in Austin with a BS in Education and from The University of Texas in Tyler with an MS in Education. After teaching for seven years... continue >

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge Jimenez joins Global Fintech Forum from the Federal Reserve System, where he was the Product Development Director of FedGlobal®. Throughout his career - 15 years of which have been in payment systems - Jimenez changed conventional wisdom on international payments by helping financial institutions provide low-cost ACH remittance... continue >

Stephanie Shelan Katz

Stephanie Shelan Katz is Global Fintech Forum's Director of Communications. A graduate of Brandeis University with a B.A in film and literature and NYU with a MA in Art Therapy, Stephanie has a strong background in communications, particularly writing, editing and design... continue >

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